Just A Day (Acoustic)
Difficulty: Novice / Version: 1
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Waking up at twelve in my clothes again
Em                                   C
Feel my head explode from a night of gin
Another night out late
I don?t want to drink don?t want to be a clown
Em                               C
I got to get my feet back on the ground
Before it pulls me in

G           Em            D
How come it ended up like this
G               Em                D              D2
And who?s gonna catch me when I?m coming down to hit the ground again

G   D     C
All by my-self ?waking up at 12 in my clothes again?
D                     Em            C
Cause I don?t want to drag you down hold you down
               G         D       C
Cause you?re a friend, I blame my-self ?feel my head explode from a night of gin?
D                      Em         C
I guess you think it?s funny now, funny now
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Riffmaster Pro